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Airpur memory foam bedding

Airpur is the result of a unique technology and offers the only viscoelastic comfort that is perfectly ventilated. More dynamic, more resistant and more hygienic: Airpur is undoubtedly the best bedding with shape memory.


The Mémopur material

Memopur is the only shape memory material with perfectly open cells and a micro-perforated structure. This double ventilation system enables your Memora mattress to remain perfectly permeable, even when compressed by the pressure of the body. Air circulation in the mattress core considerably limits variations in comfort related to temperature changes.
With its removable Coolmax and Intense covering, the Memora mattress offers hygienic and regular comfort throughout the year.


Mattresses and overmattresses Mémora

Memora was designed to meet the requirements of each individual: The range of Memo Airpur mattresses offers 4 choices of support according to your morphology:

The 100 % natural core’s 7 different zones allow for extremely precise comfort under each pressure point of the body. The envelopment is simply perfect.

This mattress offers a distinguished soft support thanks to its 140 mm multi-zone latex foam core. With its more flexible design at the shoulders and reinforcements in the pelvis zone the mattress responds to the most demanding needs of sleepers mainly sleeping on the side.

Its 140 mm plant-based polyurethane core with a density of 50 kg/m3 (« Végéta 50 ») makes this mattress the perfect compromise for the versatile sleeper searching for firm and balanced comfort.

This mattress contains a 140 mm celluflex core with a density of 40 kg/m3 and particularly matches the needs of sleepers searching for comfortable firmness.

and 3 mattresses profiles, according to individual preference:

The MEMORA SOLO topper is recommended to soften an overfirm poit of contact. Fexible and adaptable, it is easily transportable.


Sommier S-Space


S-Space is the result of the latest research in terms of ergonomics. The Airpur bed bases offer you an unequalled level of comfort and reliability. Specially designed to ensure optimum support of the Memora mattresses, the three-dimensional S-Space shock absorbers have achieved the highest scores in comfort tests.
Each flexible and dynamic S-Space module adapts perfectly to shifting of weight and changes in pressure exerted by the body and instantly responds to the sleeper’s multiple movements. Long-lasting efficiency!

(SF : fixed base, S2 : adjustable base with 2 motors (moving planes), S4 : adjustable base with 4 motors (moving planes).