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Natural materials

The combination of high-quality natural materials to respond even to the most-demanding sleeper’s needs:


Thanks to a special treatment, it multiplies its natural comfort
level by providing resistance and optimal ventilation in the
heart of the mattress.

Coconut fibre plates possess exceptional resistance and
ventilation properties.

Naturally ventilated and resistant latex offers the best comfort

coton_organiqueOrganic cotton:
Cotton from organic farming is the ideal material for anything
brought into direct contact with the skin: hypoallergenic,
resistant, hygienic, waterproof… a high-quality label!

lainemoutonSheep’s wool:
Sheep’s wool is an irreplaceable air reservoir for good thermal
insulation, in summer as well as in winter. It is also a decisive
element for hygroscopic regulation thanks to its humidity
absorption properties.

laine_chameauCamel wool:
This animal fibre is an excellent thermal insulator and
guarantees a permanently tempered sleeping area at elevated

An outstanding air permeability accelerates perspiration
evacuation, thus making wild silk the ideal material for persons
who tend to easily perspire in bed.